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“Pixel Voltaic joins the DIAMOND EU project”

Pixel Voltaic joins 11 other institutions for the DIAMOND consortium DIAMOND, a project funded by the European Commission, with 12 different partners from 7 European countries, is coordinated by Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE. This three-year project will develop perovskite solar cells with high efficiencies, maintaining long-term stability, with low.

“UPorto in the Innovation Radar Prize”

UPorto nominated in the Innovation Radar Prize The technology envisioned and proposed by UPORTO is appointed for the Innovation Radar Prize in the Kickstarter category, with the 112CO2 innovation, using the joint efforts of the 112CO2 EU project.   The vote is opened to the general public and it is.

“International H2 Summer School (2nd Ed)”

International Hydrogen Summer School (2nd Edition) The Second Edition of the International Hydrogen Summer School was hosted by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, under the framework of 112CO2 project, from September 5th to 8th. This was a hybrid event with in-person and online participations. This event brought together.

“Moonshot Thinking for Entrepreneurs”

Pixel Voltaic Attends the “Moonshot Thinking for Entrepreneurs” Programme One of the Prizes of winning this year’s edition of “Premios EmpreendedorXXI” was the possibility of attending various training programs, organized by ESADE and Silicon Valley experts. Pixel Voltaic joined several promising startup companies and attended the “Moonshot Thinking for entrepreneurs”.

“New Businesses, New People”

“New Businesses, New People, New Solutions in Portugal Day one of Luxembourg’s packed economic delegation to Portugal saw representatives tour a company, meet startups and visit UPTEC, the science and technology park of the University of Porto. The delegation will get a chance to meet Visblue‘s solutions for locally storing.

Prémios EmpreendedorXXI

Pixel Voltaic WINS this Year’s Edition of the “Premios EmpreendedorXXI” Among many talented entrepreneurs, Pixel Voltaic was distinguished as Winner of this year’s edition of “Premios EmpreendedorXXI” for the North and Center region. As a result, Pixel Voltaic is be awarded a monetary prize. Pixel Voltaic will also enroll in.

Prémios EmpreendedorXXI

Pixel Voltaic in the running for the “Premios EmpreendedorXXI”, 2022 Edition Pixel Voltaic is among other talented entrepreneurs being considered for this year’s edition of “Premios EmpreendedorXXI”. The contest will not only award the winners with monetary prizes, but also enrolment in invaluable training programs as well as premier access.


Pixel Voltaic Joins Consortium for 112CO2 project The aim of the project 112CO2, ” Low temperature catalytic methane decomposition for COx-free hydrogen production”, is to develop a technology that allows production of energy without emission of greenhouse gases/pollutants. Through the decomposition of methane (from biomethane, natural gas or synthetic methane).